Shelter Homes

The Institute runs three Short Stay Homes for the women in distress or survivors of family violence or other forms of violence. These three homes are located at Madhyamgram (24 Parganas (N), Suri (Birbhum) and Asansol (Burdwan). It also runs a Swadhar Home at Suri, Birbhum for the survivors of trafficking.

All the Homes run by the Institute conform to the Minimum Care Standards as stipulated by international organizations. Apart from the building and infrastructure, a great deal of effort is given to have trained human resource for effective addressing the psycho-social problems of the inmates. Regular counselling sessions are organized for the women with a special focus on those whose mental framework and self-esteem have been badly bruised due to the turmoil they have faced in life.

All the inmates of the homes are engaged in various vocational training programmes to channelize their creative energy in productive manner. They have been imparted training on embroidery, tailoring, soft toys and jute handicrafts and their products are now being sold in various retail outlets as well as exhibitions.

The recreational facilities at the Homes are aimed not only towards sublimation of their energy but also serve as an effective tool for modification of their behaviour. Songs, dance, recitation, yoga, indoor games are some of the recreational facilities offered in the Homes. Cultural programmes are also regularly organized at the Homes to mark special days like Independence Day, Republic Day etc.

All these activities are synergized to achieve the social and moral development of the women with the ultimate goal of their successful rehabilitation and reintegration with the society.

The Institute also runs counselling cum coaching support centres at three Government homes in and around Kolkata. Apart from providing necessary educational help to the children, the trained counsellors of the Institute take care of the psycho-social problem through regular couselling sessions.

Inmates & Staff of Asansol Home
A counselling session
Soft toys made by the inmates